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I am a work in progress… A former hermit who now runs a social group; a former asexual and committed single who discovered she could fall in love (and lust)… I’m still trying to work out exactly who the new me is and what she wants from life – it’s proving an interesting journey so far.

The basics: I’m 39, female, live in the Highlands of Scotland, have a tolerable office job and spend my spare time reading, writing snail mail, buying too much writing paper, going for long walks, running my Meetup social group, competing in (and occasionally winning) pub quizzes, photographing the pretty parts of Scotland, going to the cinema and theatre and hanging out with friends… And, of course, blogging on LJ about all of the above!

I’m a non-practicing pagan, a little bit goth and fascinated by all things paranormal, mysterious and bizarre. I’m a procrastinator, a daydreamer, a sporadic (and unpublished) novelist, an over-thinker and a social liberal. I tend to be too weird for normal people and too normal for weird people and I don’t want to fit in anyone’s box.

I see my LJ friends as real friends and have met many of them in person – you’re not just a name on a computer screen to me and I want to be more than that to you. So if you want to come along for the ride, leave a comment on my Friends Only page or send me a PM and let’s go!
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